Browser Help

The recommended browser versions for our High Bandwidth Website are:
* Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5.5 or later.
* Firefox, version 2.0 or later.
If you are running any other web browser besides Firefox or Microsoft IE, or if you are running an earlier version of Microsoft IE or Firefox, we recommend that you use our Low Bandwidth website instead.
How do I update my browser?
You can download browsers for free directly from the manufacturers' Web sites. Choose the version that best matches your computer's operating system. If you have technical problems, contact the manufacturer for support. Remember to select "128-bit Strong Encryption (SSL 3.0)" when prompted.
Browser Security:
To protect your confidentiality, this Web site uses 128-bit Strong Encryption (SSL 3.0). Both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers (US/Canada versions) support this security level. Note that you must opt for the security feature at the time you download and install your browser.
The following links take you to the download sites. Remember to select "128-bit Strong Encryption (SSL 3.0)" when prompted.
* Download Internet Explorer
* Download Mozilla Firefox