Transit Information Website

The Idaho Transportation Departmentís Division of Public Transportation has added a new bus Transit Information website, as a sister site to the High Bandwidth traveler information website. This new site is best suited to users with high bandwidth internet access. The site offers bus routes and schedules, along with up to the minute information on bus delays and other critical alerts, all presented in a Google Maps interface. You can get to the Transit Information page through the link on the 511 home page, the link on the top of the High Bandwidth Travelersí Page, or by using the link below.


Initially, the site offers information on Citylink in Coeur díAlene, START in the Teton Valley, Pocatello Regional Transit, and Northwestern Trailways. Over the next few months, we will be making additional improvements, as well as adding information on many other regional transit providers in and near Idaho. We welcome your comments on this new service.

Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Data

The Idaho Transportation Department has added Road Weather Information System (RWIS) data to the High Bandwidth and Mobile Version websites. The Mobile Version was designed for smart phones but works well for desktop personal computers. Consider using it if you have dial up/low bandwidth Internet access. Scroll down to the bottom of the 511 home page to get to the Mobile Version website (or use the link below).


Mobile Version
- Real-time updates
- Best with newer phones,

We will be fine-tuning the display of RWIS data over the next few months as well as making additional improvements. As always, we welcome your comments.

SiteSeer3D Virtual Tourism

The Idaho Division of Tourism recently launched SiteSeer3D Virtual Tourism, which will enhance websites throughout the State with 3D mapping. You can check it out at in the interactive map section. SiteSeer3D is an interactive 3D mapping application that allows website visitors to appreciate the beauty of Idaho and explore its attractions and amenities as if they were flying around in a hot air balloon. The new 3D site provides information on recreation, lodging, and events throughout Idaho with links to tourism businesses and local chamber websites. With the enhanced 3D technology, visitors to the site will be able to see aerial 3D imagery of the particular tourism attraction or hotel they are searching for. The site also includes information about campgrounds, parks, hiking trails, biking trails and snowmobiling trails.

You can link to the Idaho Division of Tourism website ( from the 511 High and Low Bandwidth websites. The links are under Travel/Tourist Info.